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Damp Survey

What We Provide

With over 30 years of experience in the damp and timber sector, Beehoo Surveying offers a comprehensive damp survey alongside our other services.

Using the latest damp reading technology we can identify the location and cause of any condensation, mould, water damage, penetrating damp or rising damp.

Some common issues that we can identify include:

  • Blocked or leaking gutters or pipes

  • Damaged walls

  • Damaged seals around doors or windows

  • Failing damp proofing

  • Failing wall ties

  • Missing roof tiles

  • Timber defects such as dry rot, wet rot and woodworm

We undertake surveys for any residential properties including listed, historic, thatched and flats.

With our CSSW qualified partners at British Waterproofing we are able to offer estimates for costs and remedial work if required.

If you have any questions regarding your damp and timber survey, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Damp Survey, Damp Meter, Rising Damp, Mould
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