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RICS Level 3 - Building Survey

What We Provide

A Building Survey gives you our most detailed survey report, based upon a thorough investigation of the structure and condtion of the property.


This service helps you to make informed decisions when purchasing your new property, and provides detailed advice on conditions that we identify. 

Beehoo Surveying provides this survey as a way of identifying defects and the risks that they pose to our customers. We provide further information outlining the most probable cause of the defects found and, where practicable. estimates of the cost and timescale for repairs and necessary work. 

Our reports use a red, amber and green rating system to clearly identify any serious defects that need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently. 

A full building survey is suitable for all properties, but especially:

  • listed buildings

  • older properties

  • buildings with unusual construction

  • properties planned for renovation

  • properties with extensive alterations

​To read the official RICS guidance of what to expect from a Level 3 Building Survey, please click the icon below:



If you have any questions regarding your building survey, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Building Surveying Tools, Laser Measure, Pen
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