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RICS Level 1 - Home Condition Survey

What We Provide

Beehoo Surveying strives to make the home buying process as hassle free as possible. Armed with local knowledge and insights, we survey all types of residential property..


A Home Condition survey gives a professional report, detailing the condition of your dream property, based upon physical inspection. 


The survey is designed to inform you of any potential problems and defects with the property. The professional advice that we offer can help you to consider what repairs, replacements and further information you may require before committing to purchasing a property. 

Our reports use a red, amber and green rating system which helps to clearly identify any serious defects that need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently. 


Some common issues that we can identify include;

Structural movement

Roof repair 

Electrical issues


Japanese Knotweed

Timber decay / dry rot

Failing windows and doors

Health and safety concerns

Broken drainpipes / guttering

Future maintenance concerns


​To read the official RICS guidance

of what to expect from a Level 1 Home Survey,

please click the icon below:


If you have any questions regarding your home survey, you can

contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 

Man using  stethoscope with house show home inspection or check the financial condition fo
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